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2015 Hair Expo Exclusive: Australian Hairdresser of the Year Finalist Frank Apostolopoulos

There are certain words and terms that evoke a particular image, when used. Once a word has been incorporated in a similar way for a long enough time into a lexicon, the imagery and emotion associated becomes shared. In this way, words take on a collective, rather than subjective meaning. When asked about his “Beauty Pages” collection for Sydney Hair Expo, Australian Hairdresser of the Year Finalist Frank Apostolopoulos repeated the same word over and over in his descriptions: Glamour.

What do we imagine when we hear the word glamour? Odds are, it will be similar to the red lips, sumptuous textures and piles upon piles of gold accessories presented in Apostolopoulos’ collection. Considering that the origins of the word are (debatably, but widely-believed*) derived from the original Latin term for ‘sorcery’ and ‘witchcraft’ it is natural for the images that we associate with this terms are spellbinding, entrancing and seductive.

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The fusion of beauty, fashion and era-defining style.

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Beauty Pages introduces us to a new wave of glamour. By combining those traditional components with edgier shapes and a myriad of styles, Apostolopoulos pushes our preconceived notions of glamour to their absolute limits. The closest that this collection comes to traditional is with the very first photo. Here we see a fiery redhead with kisses of color placed just so in her cloud of gravity-defying, angelic curls. The shape and use of natural texture suggest the brazen attitude of true glamour, that is, a woman who is truly confident in her personal style and doesn’t give half a damn what anyone else thinks, while the draping of her clothes, impressive jewelry and impossibly smooth and dewy complexion give us the other side of the glamour coin—opulence.

Below, see Apostolopoulos’ own take on his collection, from inspiration to completion and the journey that he took to get there:

Tell us about the inspiration for this collection: Where did it come from? How did you translate this inspiration into the actual looks?

The inspiration for the ‘Beauty Pages’ collection was ignited by my fixation with unstoppable glamour and show-stopping beauty. The inspiration was translated, as always, by a dedicated creative team that was sharing the same compass.

How long did it take to take this collection from inspiration to reality?

Probably about a month before the shoot.  

Why did you choose this specific team to work with and these specific models?

I tend to work with the same valued creative team to produce my collections… this is connected to trust, expertise and boundless vision.

The models were handpicked on their ability to exude unstoppable beauty and create ‘theatre.’

What was the biggest obstacle that you had to overcome on this shoot?

The biggest obstacle when shooting for a hair awards shoot is to achieve hair that has something interesting and intriguing but still keep the photos looking beautiful. It’s quite tricky with a hair awards shoot. Obviously you’re getting judged on the hair, but sometimes too much hair or technique can make things look too contrived and too “hairy” and loose the impact of beauty.

How can the inspiration from this shoot be translated into a wearable trend?

The wearable trend is anchored by the undeniable glamour of the 80s…it is brave, opulent and ultra-feminine.

What one thing about this collection are you most proud of?

The fusion of beauty, fashion and era-defining style.

If you had to describe this collection in only 3 words, what would those be?

Opulent, glamorous and visionary.

Which image is your favorite one from the collection and why?

My favourite image would have to be the Asian girl with the chopped up hair.  The choppy texture inside the bob, to me, feels like it’s got a really interesting effect and a new take to the bob.

Can you tell us a little about the trends that you incorporated in these categories, to contribute to the overall look/feel:

  • Hair Shape: The hair shapes were created to convey drama and endless styling possibilities.
  • Hair Texture: The texture is paramount…it is ever-changing and introduced to highlight precision cutting and create brave contrasts.
  • Hair Color: The colours were created to showcase a mix of lawless contrasts and seamless graduations.
  • Makeup: Polished glamour showcased by beautiful skin and an alluring golden colour palette. High-voltage red lips signal absolute seduction.
  • Fashion: The nocturnal mood was created with timeless black showcased with sharp, feminine silhouettes and show-stopping gold accessories.

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*And in case you are curious (I’m sure you’re not, but I like to be thorough) the other argument popular amongst linguists as to the origins of the word “glamour” is that it is derived from an archaic English root “ghel” which loosely translated means “to shine”. So there you have it, impress your friends at your next cocktail party and start a linguistic debate.


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