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You never know when inspiration is going to strike, and for Royals Hair & Beauty’s Owner/Creative Director Mary Alamine inspiration crept up on her while she was enjoying a little R&R with her children. During a morning playful swim, something caught her eye that day. It was the way hair moved delicately and mystically under the water and how utterly amazing it appeared. Graceful, eerie and fluidly flowing, the hair captivated her and mesmerized her creative brain like the siren song of a mermaid. It was at that very moment, Mary embraced the personal challenge to shoot her next collection entirely underwater.

Titled “Atlantis,” it is a series of images that are awe-inspiring and entirely transcendent bringing the mystical notion of mermaids to life. The hair is sinuous and supple and it is a collection unlike any we’ve ever seen. In fact, this is the only underwater collection currently being featured on Industrie. It is a spellbinding attest to how talented Alamine and her team worked under the pressure of aquatic elements.

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And the one thing I am most proud of is that we managed to shoot a beautiful collection underwater and it’s never been done before in Australia for a creative competition.

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One of the biggest challenges she faced was coming up with hairstyles that could hold their shape well after being submerged; hair that would still look ethereal and fluid but have definition and structure. Relying heavily on braids, Alamine executed styles that not only appear softly magical and supernatural, but entirely wearable for the everyday salon client (out of the water, of course). “I had to think about how hair would look underwater and come up with looks that would last so I came up with using braids.” And as you scroll through the photos, you can see how even the most basic of braids—ye ol’ 3-strand—and the use of cornrows created texture, dimension and most importantly, control on a number of these looks. “I also had to use colors in the hair that would really stand out,” Alamine added. Soft and angelic, the pastel hues are on-trend and completely wearable, yet almost untouchable— like a priceless watercolor painting hanging in a museum.

Each image captures an emotion, a bit of mystery and a range of unsurpassed talent and execution that clearly did not happen overnight. “I’m not going to lie, this is the longest I have ever worked on a shoot because it was being shot underwater,” said Alamine. “So much thought went into the preparation and forming a team that could take my inspiration and turn it into reality.”

The end result—models embodying and embracing their own inner mermaid in a peaceful, underwater utopia.

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Photo Credits:

Hair: Mary Alamine

Makeup: Mikele Simone

Styling: Jana Bortolo

Photography: Daniel Knott

Salon: Royals Hair & Beauty

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