My First Fashion Week: Mara Hoffman

As we close out the “My First Fashion Week,” a series in which we gave up our seats and backstage access to two “NYFW Newbies” and gifted them with the opportunity to experience it firsthand (and help knock a few things off their beauty bucket lists), we’re wrapping things up here in Part 4 with the Mara Hoffman show.

In Part 1, our resident salon pro Paige Weiss, who is no stranger to NYC (she lives and works in the NYC area), walked us through what it was like to attend the Jonathan Simkhai hair test. In Part 2, Industrie beauty lover Robin Edwards, equipped with her camera and notepad, went backstage to see what it takes to bring that roundtable/hair test Jonathan Simkhai discussion and collaboration to life. And in Part 3, Robin got to experience the best of both worlds at a show—backstage and front of house with Libertine. So to close out the series, Robin is going to share with you all her backstage and front of house experience at Mara Hoffman:

This show, from the hair and makeup down to the fashion, was simple, clean and bright. When I got to Clarkson Square, I immediately went backstage to see the label.m hair team in full effect. They were hard at work creating their Willie Nelson-inspired braids that consisted of various colors of hair, and thanks to 60-inch hair extensions, all the models had these incredibly long and exaggerated braids. As far as the makeup goes, the models had clean, bright skin with glowing cheekbones. The overall palette was kept nude and the brows we thick and natural looking. It was very flushed and “all-American.”

After the models were done being primped and prepped, I made my way to the front for the show to start. I have to admit, I was slightly nervous because it was hard to tell who was who from different agencies, fashion royalty or just common public, so speaking to anyone seemed like an off-putting idea in order to not offend. I found the best solution was to “fake to make it” and put on a RBF and make no eye contact, only stare in general directions and pretend to know what I was doing, where I was and who was who. The loud music and clean feel of the space was happy and uplifting. Willie Nelson songs played during the show, which supported the middle-America theme, the braided hair and back set of clouds and wheat fields. Once the show started, the models took the runway wearing fluid and flowing fabrics—some stark white, some consisting of vibrant patterns. The fabric was practical and casual.

I must say, the show didn’t feel overdone or pretentious. I felt like I belonged amongst these approachable looks, models and setup. It was a perfect blend of anonymity and familial. Growing up primarily in the Midwest and having listened to Willie Nelson on and off throughout the years, it made me feel like I was home.

And there you have it folks, give a Fashion Week virgin the opportunity to experience it firsthand and what you get are not only stories to tell, but memories to reflect on for years to come. Thank you Paige and Robin for sharing your experiences with us!

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