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Hair Expo Exclusive: 2015 Colour Technician of the Year Larissa Bresnehan

As you slide through the images above that make up this collection, allow this fact to sink in for a moment – this collection, these six incredible images that flow seamlessly from one to the next, this is Larissa Bresnehan’s first collection.

Her first.

The very first collection of images she has ever created.

Sure, she’s worked on photo shoots in the past, two to be exact, and she’s been a hairdresser for years, but this, her Colour Technician of the Year finalist collection, this is her first. It took four months from the decision to create a collection for submission to the day of the photo shoot to create this impressive debut, which was inspired by elements of nature.

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My objective was to take the beautiful hues from flora, fauna and landscapes and bring them to reality whilst still maintaining the integrity of the hair. Colours have been depicted in a way that transcends from the subject to the hair and finally into the finished image.

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Bresnehan’s images have achieved that elusive effect of leaving you with an impression. The finesse with which this color has been applied and designed contributes to and supports the feeling of the looks without overwhelming them. Bresnehan explains that this was a conscious decision during the planning phase. “The collection is balanced with colour,” she shared. “Building a picture and not dominating it. With this in mind, I wanted to create a collection which would appeal to not only my clients, but the broader hair community.”

Having beautiful models that were open to creative cuts and multidimensional color was an important component of bringing this collection to life, along with a supportive team to help with the styling, makeup, photography and fashion.

Bresnehan tells us that the biggest obstacle to creating this work was learning how to split her focus between six images while maintaining a cohesive look and feel throughout the collection as whole. Considering the elegance with which these images flow from one to the next, it is suffice to say that she conquered this obstacle with aplomb. This is a talent to watch, as we are sure to see many more fantastic works from her in the future.

Photo Credits

Hair: Larissa Bresnehan

Photographer: Kishka Jensen

Makeup Artist: Garry Siutz

Styling: Emma Cotterill

Models – Image 1: Theadora Waldon, Image 2: Elizabeth Man, Image 3: Christiana Fuglsang, Image 4: Jessica Francis, Image 5: Danielle Lipscome, Image 6: Phoebe McKay


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