Men’s Hairdressing Federation: In God We Trust

To say men’s grooming has surged is a bit of an understatement. It’s reached grand heights and has done complete wonders for barbers on a global scale. This swell in styling—not just in terms of hair and beards, but also in respect of fashion—has brought forth an increase in men taking more time in developing a signature look, style and overall self-story for themselves. And in order for men to do this, they benefit from imagery that can help them feel inspired and provide them all with a point of reference. Photos give them the opportunity to walk into their barber or hairdresser and say, “I want this cut, and show me how to style it” and to walk into a clothing store and say, “I want to dress like this. Do you have these clothes or accessories?”

It has also created this group of men who aren’t afraid to create boards and peruse Pinterest. One of those guys is Adam Sloan, Founder of Men’s Hairdressing Federation, a not-for-profit organization whose aim is to maintain and enhance the standards of Men’s Hairdressing. Thanks to Pinterest (and attending a friend’s wedding years ago), this collection “In God We Trust” was able to come to life.

Let’s back up for a second and talk about the actual moment Adam knew he wanted to create a collection of this caliber. Actually, let’s have Adam tell the story:

I attended a friends wedding many years ago and had been forewarned about the eccentric Vicar.* As I took my seat in the church, I heard what I thought were cowboy boots with spurs and it was! The Vicar had a pair of cowboy boots on with spurs! He also had an amazing flat top haircut and was wearing a belt with bullets all around it. He had an earring with a crucifix on it. I was totally hooked on this image and thought, “One day, I will do a photo shoot based on the saying, ‘Do not judge a man on his appearance,’ and call it ‘In God We Trust.’

Men's Hairdressing Federation Men's Hairdressing Federation Men's Hairdressing FederationMen's Hairdressing Federation Men's Hairdressing Federation


This desire to create a collection and conduct a photo shoot based on this concept consumed Adam, and so he and a team of creative companions started to create the storyboard process by pinning on Pinterest. “It started at first with a bit of a post-apocalyptic feel that we pinned to our board,” he shared. “We were also influenced by imagery from the tattoos from the film Cape Fear.” And once the pinning concluded and the storyboard was created, his “dream team” consisting of Desmond Murray, Tracey Devine Smith, Martin ‘Foxy’ Fox, Joe Sloan, Aaron Dorn, Kevin Luchmun and Stewart Martin got to work. It is quite a big team considering most consist of a single hairdresser, but when you want to go big, you go big with a whopping squad of talent. “Between all of these people, they have more awards than The Beatles,” he added. “They are all professionals of the highest caliber who all brought their ‘A’ game with them.”

Men's Hairdressing Federation Men's Hairdressing Federation Men's Hairdressing Federation

And we have to say, it is apparent that they did more than just bring their “A” game to the set of the photo shoot. You can be exceptionally talented, but if you can’t work collaboratively with a team then you’re a disservice to the group and can disrupt the creative process. This is not the case with the Men’s Hair Federation team. The finished piece is completely charismatic chock-full of images that will be pinned to many, many boards and provide a multitude of men that inspiration they need to evolve their style.

Men's Hairdressing Federation Men's Hairdressing Federation Men's Hairdressing Federation

*A Vicar is the representative of a person clothed with ordinary ecclesiastical jurisdiction.


Hair: Adam Sloan, Desmond Murray, Tracey Devine Smith, Martin Fox, Joe Sloan, Aaron Dorn, Kevin Luchmun and Stewart Martin

Photography: Desmond Murray

Makeup: Emma Miles

Styling: Darren Knight


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