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Creative hair color has been in the spotlight for long enough now that we run the risk of becoming a bit numb to it. It is difficult to scroll through any social media feed, or flip through any magazine or beauty blog without seeing “unicorn hair” or “rainbow hair” or “mermaid hair.” It would seem that all of the sudden, the beauty world has collectively fond memories of their middle school Lisa Frank bubble sticker days and decided to reminisce in the most extreme way possible.

Like any style trend, there are those who innovate and execute flawlessly and those who simply, adopt. Tracey Hughes and her team are masters. The Diaphanous Collection is a study of impeccable execution and fluidity. Each look showcases an exquisite harmony of cut and color. From the barest hints of pale pink and lilac peeping out between layers of platinum in a textured and raw angled bob, to the one-two punch of royal blue sitting boldly atop rich purple on an aggressive undercut. In all six looks, the colors seem to float throughout the hair, almost a living, breathing, entity of its own that you may miss if you don’t look at quite the right time.

Consider for a moment the shining pink bowl cut. The surgical precision of this cut along with painstakingly painted color that fades from a deep, rich magenta to a band of pure platinum, ending in a steel blue-gray, looks more like a warrior’s helmet shining on the battlefield than a fairy princess crown.

While the name “Diaphanous” may mean delicate and translucent, these looks, when paired with extreme accessories like nose rings, chains and collars, remind us that there is an underlying strength to a woman who is confident in her style. Much like a spider’s web, this collection may seem delicate and gauzy, but the techniques displayed show Hughes’ and her team for the indomitable force that they are.

Hughes also shared some insightful answers when we posed her with the following questions:

Where did the inspiration for this collection come from?

Color is the boundary or extremity of the diaphanous captivating harmony and beauty. Fluid shapes in which shadows, negative space and tone-on-tone are as important as the structure itself.

How did you translate this inspiration into the actual looks?

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The highly impressive designs display artistic expression; therefore these looks are not for the faint hearted! Translating the inspiration meant focusing on the placement of the intense hues within the explicit forms.

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How long did it take to take this collection from inspiration to reality?

Our lead-time in planning a collection is usually 3 months. This allows sufficient time to build the inspiration, organize the logistics and develop the team collaboration. Occasionally, we can do this in less than one month if the need arises and if we are inspired to produce another shoot.

Why did you choose this specific team to work with and these specific models?

We work utilizing the talent within our own team members and we have 2 favorite photographers that we have long-term relationships with. Therefore, we select who we feel best suits the specific inspiration. When selecting models, we generally like to work with ones we also have a relationship with too and like to have models that are slightly more quirky than commercial in their look.

What was the biggest obstacle that you had to overcome on this shoot?

Our greatest obstacle we face with every shoot is ensuring we confirm the models prior to determining the hair look. Then the challenge is to develop the hair look based upon the inspiration and storyboard so the looks suit each model individually.

How can the inspiration from this shoot be translated into a wearable trend?

We believe that creativity stems from a great understanding of classic technique. Therefore, no matter how creative the finished looks are they can always be diluted into a wearable trend.

What one thing about this collection are you most proud of?

I adore the pastel shades and the color palette used throughout.

Which image is your favorite one from the collection and why?

I love model number 1 (captioned above) because of the pastel shades, however I love that there is emotion in this shot that draws you in.

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