Johnny Georgiou’s Venice Beach Boys

Hair Expo Exclusive: 2015 Men’s Hairdresser or Barber of the Year Finalist Johnny Georgiou

Inspired by California’s Venice Beach muscle-ripped, sun-loving surfers of the ‘70s, this collection is full of effortless attitude and undone styling. As one of this year’s finalists in Hair Expo’s men’s category, we asked Johnny Georgiou to discuss in detail the inspiration and creation process of his nominated collection.

“I wanted to show a loose, relaxed feel that was still done, but undone. It’s an attitude that says, ‘I care, but I don’t. I did it, but I didn’t really.’”

This statement from Georgiou is utterly on point. From head to toe, his models have enough attitude to line the California Coast. The hair isn’t over the top. In fact, these are styles easy for the salon client to connect with. Take for instance Rhys, his model with the long blonde hair swept across his face. According to Georgiou, he epitomizes the look, feel and inspiration for the whole collection—a bit surfy, a bit gym-rat, undone and sexy. “The best thing about this collection for me is that it was designed for the consumer in mind” shared Georgiou. There isn’t a hairstyle in the collection that can’t be worn as-is on a client. The whole reason I create collections is to showcase wearable hair for the consumer, not the hairdresser.” The hair is soft and loose with uncomplicated texture.

At first glance, the surfy 70s culture and angst are completely apparent, and once you focus on the fashion, you can see just how he meshed yesterday with today. “The clothing for this shoot was inspired by the SS/2015 looks from Tim Coppens, Astrid Anderson and Saint Laurent,” shared Georgiou. “All of these designers showed looks that were inspired by the 70’s hippie movement, the surf culture, and the disco gym rats. Metallics were huge across all three labels as well as loose, unstructured but well-cut styles. Hair comes from fashion, so this is what ties my collection to the clothing inspiration.”

From inspiration to final looks, it took Georgiou and his team of a fashion stylist and makeup artist about eight weeks to bring his collection to life. He did all the hair, the photography and all the post editing himself. The fact that he single-handedly managed all three of these responsibilities is what he’s most proud of. And to that, we applaud your efforts, Johnny. Congrats.

Photo Credits:

Hair: Johnny Georgiou—Parlour Hair Group

Makeup: Stacey O’Leary—Parlour Hair Group

Photography: Johnny Georgiou—Parlour Hair Group

Fashion Styling: Johnny Georgiou  & Jason Fassbender

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