It’s Time to Start Talking About Thinning Hair

I am lucky enough to have— what every hairstylist I’ve ever met has told me—hair enough for three people. Maybe it has something to do with my Latino/Italian genes, maybe it has to do with my diet and lifestyle*, but the fact remains, I’ve never really had to think much about thinning hair. That is until we got together with our good friends at NIOXIN to create a resource for salons and stylists and the “The Master Guide to Thinning Hair” was born. Then, things got really real, really fast.

This comprehensive resource would span six volumes and cover everything from basic terms to best cutting and color practices so needless to say; I had a lot to learn.

What followed was weeks of research, tons of question and answer sessions and a lot of educating myself on all things thinning. What I discovered is that not only is this issue becoming increasingly important for both stylist and client, but it’s a fascinating and complex phenomenon that no one, and I mean no one, is talking about. That’s what we would like to change.

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Thinning Hair follicle illustration

Thinning Hair is Growing. Well, Sort of.

All jokes aside, issues surrounding thinning hair are becoming a growing concern for clients of all types and stylists are having a harder and harder time starting the conversation. During my research phase for this book series, I learned that many clients do not feel comfortable broaching the topic with their stylist because—get this—they didn’t think that stylist was an expert at dealing with hair loss and/or thinning.

Don’t blame me, folks; I’m just the messenger.

So, if more clients are reporting growing concerns about losing their hair and stylists are trained from the very start of their education on hair health and structure, why aren’t we talking about it??

Thinning Hair is Scary.

Let’s just face the issue head on (pun intended); thinning hair is an emotionally charged issue. It’s the one thing male and female clients have in common— sheer terror at the thought of losing their hair. One of my favorite stats that I discovered during my research is that 40% of client survey respondents in one study would rather lose some of their friends than some of their hair. That’s a lot of abandoned friendships, right there.

It can be really difficult to bring up a sensitive topic like thinning hair with clients, but the fact remains, it’s a stylists’ job to do so. Clients rely on stylists to tell them how to best take care of their hair, and it’s in a stylist’s best interest to protect a client’s look and investment, not just their feelings.

Thinning hair myths and facts

…But it Doesn’t Have to Be.

By educating stylists on all aspects of thinning hair and hair loss, they will not just be building their skill set for dealing with an important issue related to hair health and their overall business; they will also be growing their confidence at discussing the matter with clients, which is more than half the battle. Stylists can best position themselves as experts (something we talk extensively about in Book #2—hint! Hint!) by becoming an expert— putting both themselves and their clients at ease.

I am really enjoying creating this series, I think there is a lot for the industry to learn about hair loss and thinning. Not so much from a product standpoint, but from a pure education standpoint. No matter what your chosen product line or affiliation, this ebook series is chock ful of useful tips, terms and research.

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  • Volume One: Basic Overview & Terms
  • Volume Two: Consultations
  • Volume Three: The Care Manual
  • Volume Four: Cutting Techniques
  • Volume Five: Color Techniques
  • Volume Six: Styling Techniques


*You’ll get to read all about how genetics, diet, and lifestyle all work together to contribute to hair health in Volume One, along with some common myths and misconceptions that your clients may have about thinning hair—it’s pretty fascinating stuff!

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