How To Start Over in A New City

Even if you aren’t planning to drop everything and move across the country, Courtney Olson, a salon owner in Chicago who did just that not too long ago, has some great advice to any beauty professionals looking to make a big career transition and start over in a new city. Here are her top tips to help things go smoothly.

Save Your Money

It’s scary to change salons, move across the country, or start your own business. One of the best pieces of advice I can give on when to feel comfortable enough financially, to take such a big step,  is when you bring in twice the amount of your overhead (weekly or monthly). This will ensure that you will have at least a small cushion during slow times and give yourself the ability to be away from the salon if necessary.

Pull Double Duty

We opened our first suite in Schaumburg while I was still at my former salon. I built a solid following there that kept me afloat financially during my transition to the second suite location in Chicago. This helped to make each client’s transition from my old salon to our new location a smooth one. We knew we could ease their minds by making sure we offered all of the same amenities, used the same color and similar products, and letting them know we were always here for any questions or concerns.

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Listen to Your Clients

Being attentive and present for your clients helps them connect to you as a stylist. And that is a big part of building a solid client relationship. But most importantly, follow your heart and listen to your head. They won’t steer you wrong. Know that you have to put the hard work in. And even though you will hit some roadblocks along the way, in the end, it’s going be worth it. You get to see what you have accomplished every day when you realize you have the ability to touch people’s lives in ways that others can’t.

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