How to Sell Products without Actually Selling Them

This third volume of the Master Guide to Thinning Hair was arguably the hardest one to create. How to Care for Thinning Hair is the first volume in our series that really focuses on NIOXIN products, which can present a bit of a challenge.

After all, how can we showcase and present a line of products without coming off as too “pushy” or “sales-y”?

It turns out; it’s a lot easier than we thought.

We’ve heard it time and time again, people being turned off by education or information simply because it was presented by a product manufacturer. While it’s true that a lot of companies will use this approach purely to push a product, there is often some good, solid information that goes along with these presentations.

However, if the audience feels like their being “shnookered” into buying something, they’ll likely tune out. The same holds true for retail sales—if a customer feels like they are fed information just to make a sale, they are almost always instantly turned off.

The secret, as we found, is to stop thinking about the products altogether—at least at first. To know how to really show a product off in its best light, you have to understand its value. And to do that, you need to identify what problem it solves and for whom. The last steps are to make it easy for the end customer to visualize that product as a natural part of their life.

We put this all together to create a roadmap for NIOXIN salons to effectively retail their products, in a way that felt very natural.

Make It Usable

The first step in this whole process that we implemented when creating How to Care for Thinning Hair was to re-address some of the causes of hair loss and thinning (which we covered extensively in Volume 1) and identifying factors (addressed in Volume Two: All About Consultations).

We offered some alternative suggestions to the product that we were about to present, right off the bat: “Hair is falling out due to stress? Try meditation and deep breathing exercises.” By offering some alternate solutions, it can help ease the “pressure of the sale” situation that a lot of customer interactions are plagued by.

Next, we moved onto scalp health—providing a quick guide for stylists to identify common scalp issues and suggestions for treatment. We also created an infographic cutout for stylists to display, to inform clients as to the best practices for maintaining scalp health.

We have only just now mentioned our first NIOXIN product, and we are more than halfway through this ebook. We are identifying common problems and setting ourselves up to offer the solutions, in more than one way.

The last half of the book breaks hair down by type and provides tailored NIOXIN product combinations for each one. This helps a stylist to quickly identify the right product suggestions for their clients’ individual needs, while the client is assured that they are not simply being “sold something new.”

We finished this volume off by providing a tool that can bring it all together—the product prescription card. Stylists can print it off, make copies for their records or send a client home with a personalized prescription for treating their thinning hair concerns.

Make It Relatable

While past volumes of the Guide to Thinning Hair have typically featured salon-based imagery, we went in a different direction with the Care Guide.

Instead, we chose to tell a story with the images throughout the book. Set in a spa-like bathroom*, and complimented with a relaxing backdrop, we made it easy for a client to envision themselves incorporating NIOXIN products into their everyday beauty regimen.

After all, who wouldn’t want to luxuriate in a clawfoot tub with a hot cup of tea while your Scalp Recovery Shampoo & Conditioner does its thing to promote your hair health???

By showcasing these products in their natural habitat, it closes the gap between seeing a product in a salon, wielded by a professional, and “what the heck do I do with this when I get home?”

When it comes to thinning hair products, this approach to imagery also helped to offset some of the stigmas that can often come along with purchasing products specifically designed to treat thinning hair—an issue with a lot of emotional impacts. By showing the products in this way, it’s not only easily relatable but pampering as well.

Provide The Tools

Not only is the book itself meant to be shared with clients directly (there is a wealth of information in this series that may help bridge the gap in thinning hair communication), but there are also a couple of tools built straight in.

First of all, we created a cutout infographic that lists out top tips for daily scalp care. This graphic is meant to be displayed on a stylist’s station. It can also be cut out, photographed with a smartphone and shared via social media or on a salon’s website.

The next tool that we incorporated was our top 10 list for thinning hair care. This list is super easy to share with a client, or break down and use as social media captions on a salon profile.

A salon could even make an event out of it all together and share a tip a day for ten days while running a promotion on scalp massages and product gift bags, or simply use the list as part of a blog post on their website to spread awareness.

Lastly, we incorporated a printable product prescription card that ties the information together from the book and makes it easy to find the exact right combination of products, for each individual client.

Filling this card out together with a client can help them to see how much consideration goes into making sure that they are sent home with the right products for them.

While it first seemed like the Care Guide was going to be our toughest volume to create in this series, in the end, it forced us to look at product sales in an entirely different way. By addressing the sales process holistically—from the stylist’s point of view, the manufacturer’s, and the end client’s—we were able to create a valuable resource to aid at all points in the process.

Main Takeaway: Positioning products in a way that is problem-solution based and relatable removes all of the obstacles from retail sales.

*Fun fact: We shot the images for the Care Guide in my mom’s amazing bathroom. She had so much fun with this shoot that she ended up jumping in to help style the photos. #thanksmom 😉

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