Going Back To Cali

It’s been a crazy travel summer and my last trip (a few weeks ago) to Los Angeles had the flights from heck because of all the crazy summer storms this season. So, it was with great hopes of a surprise free travel day that I headed off o Sacramento to join Nick Arrojo and the ARROJO Team for the ARROJO West Coast Summit Exposé at the amazing Federico Beauty Institute. After an unexpected stop in Salt Lake City, I arrived only 6 hours late, which was much better than my buddy Nick who ended up with an unexpected 8 hour delay.  So, no bags, plans changed for our first night, no time for dinner and me running the model call for the event, plus the delay, my Saturday night turned into a long day with a very quiet night.

A Breakfast Meeting

The next morning, I met Nick and Brian Bode, one of the ARROJO Style Counsel Members, and artists that would be joining the team on stage presenting at the Summit. We all left the hotel and ventured out for breakfast on a beautiful Sunday morning. Nick knew of a place he had remembered from a previous visit, so we set out walking and in just a few blocks we came upon The Cafeteria. From the outside it looked beautiful, and once we entered it was even cooler with mismatched chairs at the tables and unique lights. No matter where you looked, nothing seemed to match and everything worked together beautifully. From a 4ft+ model plane to an old wooden egg crate filled with lights, nothing screamed “LOOK AT ME!” Instead, everything created a visual sonnet on its own that simply came together like a visual orchestra that goes from warming up and sounding like nothing would work together to creating magic. As Nick, Brian and I sat, we continued to remark about the decor as our waitress came to take our order. The restaurant made me think about how it was a great metaphor for all the artists coming together for the ARROJO West Coast Summit Exposé. Nick and Brian had a beautiful spinach omelet and I went for it with the Mexican Skillet, but because we were off to prep for our show, we all avoided the bottomless Mimosas and Bloody Marys (maybe next time).

The Show

Sunday night was show time, and wow was there an amazing group of talent. The AJF Team started us off sharing a collection of inspiration from their team with amazing looks on models; Nick with Razor Cutting, Brain Bode with Styling, ARROJO’s Cosmetology Artistic Director Amanda Jenkins showed an American Wave technique, Ally wowed the audience with Hair Painting and David and Jason from Square Root in Albuquerque, New Mexico, showed why they are one of the top ARROJO Ambassador Salons with amazing haircuts and color makeovers.  Everyone attending experienced what truly makes the ARROJO culture so special, like what Goldwell color does for me as a colorist. ARROJO products and education were powering and empowering the minds and hearts of all the stylists attending! And this was definitely evident with all the buzz after the show, and with all the stylists signed up for the jam-packed hands-on classes the next day.

After The Show

After the show, the team hung out with everyone until about 9:30pm, then it was back to the hotel and out to get something to eat. So, that seemed like it would be easy until we headed out after 10pm on a Sunday night in Sacramento. The first place we went to had no food and a line that stretched around the corner, so we popped in next door to an Irish Pub for some food and drinks, but unfortunately the pints and drinks were great, but the food was unavailable.  So, like a good half Irish man (I’m half Italian too, don’t let me name fool you, I’m a Jr.), I had a pint of Guinness for dinner and went off to bed.

The Next Day

On Monday, The Federico Beauty Institute hosted the ARROJO Team giving stylists from as far away as Los Angeles to participate in three different hands-on classes; Razor Cutting with Nick, How to Create Texture with The ARROJO American Wave with Amanda Jenkins and Hair Painting with Ally, Jason and me. A big thank you to Adam Federico and his team from the AJF Salon for all their support, opening their home to us and for making us feel right at home.

Later Monday, after a whirlwind ARROJO West Coast Summit Exposé, it was off to the airport and back home for 17 hours. Unpacking, repacking and off again back to NYC to care for guests, do some hair and share more ideas. Such is the life of a very lucky, traveling hairdresser.

~ Patrick

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ARROJO Expo NYC: 2 days, hands-on event in all 3 ARROJO locations. October 25-26 2015. For more information visit arrojonyc.com.

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