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2015 Hair Expo Exclusive: New Creative Force Finalist Claudia Cataldo

The creative process behind creating a collection often, for many, involves hunting and gathering images from multiple sources and creating mood boards. These mood boards naturally evolve into a story, or a “theme,” and become a collection. Claudia Cataldo fancies this process and it was how her nominated collection came to life.

“Since I’m constantly collecting images and materials that attract my eye and inspire me, the concept for the collection just naturally evolved from my mood boards,” shared Cataldo.

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“I love street style and fashion magazines and this collection is an eclectic mix of street, punk, silhouettes and timeless cuts. It’s the beauty of Italian screen sirens from the ‘60s that inspired the makeup and styling.”

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The collection itself is titled “Feminine | Quirky | Fun” and these are three words Cataldo personally chose to describe it. It is exceptionally feminine and you can see cuts and styling that are fun, but is it quirky? We asked Cataldo to explain:

“The collection recognizes classic shapes, but gives them a modern twist. I added a touch of quirkiness with the silhouettes and hints of colour. It was important to me to create looks that were wearable and fun, styles that can easily be translated into the street style scene,” added Cataldo. “The beauty and creativity of the collection is delivered in subtle strikes rather than bold statements.”

Take for instance the model wearing the yellow dress; Cataldo’s personal favorite to be exact. “It was like magic when this whole shot came together and it set the tone for the rest of the collection. This look has a touch of quirkiness with the way I styled her cut by having it flat throughout the fringe area then at the crown having it textured with it going to one direction. Juxtaposition of adding the dark shine line in the fringe and different textures created the magic.”

What makes this even more quirky is the fact that she had never worked with these models before. “This creates a degree of anxiety. You have to have enough skills and ideas to recreate or change the look during the shoot,” said Cataldo. But this was an obstacle she quickly overcame thus resulting in this nominated collection.

Photo Credits

Hair: Claudia Cataldo

Photographer: Andrew O’Toole

Makeup: Kylie O’Toole

Stylist: Elaine Marshall

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