EXPOSÉ: Solo Salon, Chicago, IL

The Couple That Grooms Together, Stays Together…

For many couples that work in the same field, their dream job looks a lot like standing next to one another as they build their passion project together from the ground up. Every once in a while, two people beat the house, hit the jackpot and make it happen. Michael and Kristine Singer, owners of Chicago’s Solo Salon, found their own way along that path several years ago. In their case, Michael began working for Kristine as a stylist shortly after she founded the salon. One thing led to another—very slowly—and eventually, a partnership was born. A handful of years and two kids later, their place is an anchor in a neighborhood that is experiencing explosive growth.

Now, unless you spend your days scrolling through Pinterest streams on the latest scrapbooking trends, you’re acutely aware that men’s grooming is becoming a thing again. It once was the case that the only place a man could get a proper shave and a hair cut (two bits!) was from his local barber. Then, along came Gillette razors and bargain cut salons. Together, they effectively cornered the market that barbershops had once reigned over. Despite the all-encompassing grooming giants, even men have grown tired of this impersonal fast-food approach to “manscaping.” They crave services that empower them to express their most unique selves. Yes, ladies, your guy is finally seeing that it’s possible to get a straight razor shave, groom his beard, style his hair AND keep his Man Card.

Enter Solo Salon. What started out as a place that offered all kinds of styles, blow-outs and cuts, has since grown to provide a full menu of beauty services for women, and now, for men. Kristine has held down the ladies side of things while just this past year, Michael went back to barber’s school to snag his certification. With that license, he is able to complement the vast number of offerings for women with something a bit more niche for the discerning gentleman. One way or another, the duo makes it all work under one roof. So swing by and say “hey!” to them when you’re in the neighborhood—or in need of a quality salon service. They don’t bark or bite, but they and their staff just might snip and shave you in a way that’ll help you break some necks like Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

For more information or to book an appointment visit Solo Salon’s website.


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