EXPOSÉ: Nicoletta Gauci

How This Hard-Working Hairstylist Helped Make the Industrie Dream into a Reality

I remember it like it was yesterday, probably because it still feels like it was yesterday. To say “time flies” when you’re a startup is a huge understatement. For about four weeks, Justine and I went back and forth between email, text and phone conversations saying to each other, “We need something really new and fresh and not from someone who’s getting seen everywhere. Not untapped talent, but talent that hasn’t been given the right spotlight to shine in.”

We knew someone was out there, but we didn’t know just who we were looking for.

And then it happened. After searching the web and looking at a plethora of images, Nicoletta Gauci got our attention. We saw her photo gallery on Hairbrained and contacted her. By the end of the week, Nicoletta provided us with five images from her stunning portfolio to be used as the imagery for our landing page. But it was more than just imagery she provided—she helped turn on the switch and helped us get closer to launching Industrie.

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What was discovered after we received those pretty pics from her is a whole other story. We learned very quickly that Nicoletta has an amazing background. She’s a pretty big deal to be quite honest. You see, this Los Angeles native took the formal artistic training, fundamental skills and knowledge of art principle, application and business she received from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California and fused it with her cosmetology education and training, most notably from the Paul Mitchell Schools.

By doing so, it evolved her into becoming a stylist, an educator and artistic director, and an editorial stylist who has been published in over 15 countries.

It also helped lay the foundation and groundwork for her to live overseas and experience a different and very unique hairdresser way of life. Since Nicoletta has family roots in Italy, she hopped a jet and lived in this rich, culturally diverse country where she had to get used to living at a very different pace; life comes first and work comes second. You don’t sweat the small stuff. And if you’re a hairdresser, you are respected far more than you are in the United States. Hairdressing is considered an honorable profession, and as an artisan, you are expected to apprentice for a minimum of four years before you even get your own chair. Salons are also much smaller and usually run by an owner who has been in the industry doing hair for 20+ years. It warrants a high level of command and respect.

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After globe-trotting and seeing the world, Nicoletta returned to the US to continue furthering her career. Today, she’s back in Los Angeles where she wears a lot of hats and handles a multitude of responsibility on a regular basis. Many of you may feel an instant connection to her; she’s a hardworking stylist who stands behind the chair bouncing between two salons. When she’s not taking care of her clientele, she’s working on photo shoots as an editorial stylist. Last, but definitely not least on her priority scale, is the fact that Nicoletta is also a mother to an infant (one currently in the fun stages of teething), and like many working mothers, Nicoletta has to balance her responsibilities, priorities, and plans in life, but she does it with passion and determination in her heart and in her mind.

Because she put her amazing work and photographs out there for the world to see, it has allowed us, Industrie, to get to where we are now, and for that we are forever grateful. Grateful because she helped carry that dream of ours into a beautiful reality and she believed in our vision.


This is what we stand for, what Industrie stands for:

We will find you.

We will celebrate you.

We will give you the opportunity to have your work, your talent, and your voice heard.

Just ask Nicoletta.

So, from the bottom of our collective hearts at Industrie, Nicoletta, we thank you. We celebrate this Industrie life we’re living with you. Cheers!

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