Equipment Needed: Creativity & Pencils

Like to draw? Love to write? Have loads of creativity to spare? Then you’re going to totally dig this series from Chronicle Books.

642 Things to Draw, 642 Things to Write About and 642 Fashion Things to Draw are unique and, well, addicting. And they are wickedly creative and smart beyond belief. Here’s why:

642 Things to Draw is perfect for those who, like me, can’t really call themselves an artist, but who want to doodle and sketch to feel creative, and perhaps to give others a good laugh (fact: I can screw up a stick figure in less than 5 seconds). Let’s face it, this book was secretly created for that other group of people—people I like to call “jerks with real talent.” You know who you are: gifted, artistic, those who are like, “I can draw with a pirate eye patch on and the other eye closed.” Yeah, I’m talking about you. You can draw a 3-D bottle of booze completely hung-over and not even want to retch. In a nutshell, this book is clever and filled with drawing prompts that are not only crafty, but also mind-bending, and it’s sure to tickle your senses.

And then we have…642 Fashion Things to Draw. So take everything I just told you about 642 Things to Draw and wrap a whole fashion focus around it. For instance, on one page you may be asked to draw a brass button, and then before you know it, you’re sketching a peplum blouse or an iconic Twiggy dress. This is not a joke! This book really and truly exists.


Last, and by no means least, is my absolute favorite: 642 Things to Write About. Imagine you’re on a long flight and you’re tired of watching reruns of Friends (fact: Friends is my least favorite show of all time next to M.A.S.H. and Barney Miller) and the guy sitting next to you is finally snoring (and not talking your ear off). Now, you could read that Us Weekly trash rag again, or you could whip out this journal and write an ode to an onion or describe something you once wanted sooo badly, got it, then never used. Thirty-five writers from The San Francisco Writers Grotto (only the most prestigious workspace for professional writers) composed the writing prompts in this journal and famed author and journalist, Po Bronson, wrote the intro.

So if you’re looking for a way to kick-start your dormant creative mind, these three books will surely do the trick.

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