Poupee Noire from Nicole Gordon

As kids, most of us had dolls or knew someone with a doll that had hair begging to be cut and styled. And much to our elders’ chagrin, no strand was spared when it came to a child with a pair of safety scissors in hand.

Nicole Gordon, now she knows a thing or two about giving her dolly dolls a snip so much she titled her collection “Poupee Noire” which, when translated from French to English, means “Black Doll.” “My inspiration for my collection came from my dolly’s nickname,” she shared.

“Like the cuts we all gave our Barbie dolls when we were kids, I translated this by turning my models’ hair into wig-like textures using choppy cuts. These are looks that can easily be translated into something wearable. They can be worn as is for the everyday edgier client. For the more conservative client, it would require just a bit of softening.”

Her statement about the looks be easily translatable is utterly on point. All of the styles represented in this collection are being seen today on all types of women (and even some men). Hair for this season has definition and attitude—you can call it “a beautiful edge” if you will. And most importantly, it all has a bit of bedhead finesse.

“When I shot this collection, structured shapes were everything so I incorporated this into my short hair cuts, but I also felt that it needed a softer note which is why I added in a few disheveled look into the collection story. My main intention was to have the texture of the hair to resemble doll hair so I went with more of a dry texture, which is also in.”

As for the color story for Poupee Noire, Gordon stuck with blondes and brunettes since those two show up best in black and white. For the makeup, she wanted her models to like a little porcelain in appearance, so her makeup artist Phillip Heketoa mainly focused on creating an opaque eye and an eye-catching dark lip. As for the fashion, “I have noticed a lot of leather and painted textures so I incorporated a bit of this on each one of my models,” she added.

Having Gordon explain this creation process and the collection’s end result is heartwarming because you can sense the gratified achievement in her words. “What makes me most proud about this collection is actually making my vision a reality and to put together a six-piece collection. It is not easy and to be one of the first ever Kiwis to get in as a finalist has to be my most proudest moment yet.”

Photo Credits

Hair: Nicole Gordon

Photographer: Jock Robson

Makeup: Phillip Heketoa

Stylist: Maxine Wooldridge

Assistant: Shane Beveridge

Models from 62 Models: Coco, Helena Mitchell, Helena Crawford, Dominquie Scrag

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