All In: Poker Meets Street Style from Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson is no stranger when it comes to creating a collection. But producing one that is shot in full color, now that’s a different story. Normally, black and white is his preferred end result, but to switch things up he went full color on this one. Guess you can say he went “all in.”

The theme? A poker game chock full of eclectic class and street-influenced style.

“The inspiration for this collection came from the ability to group a diverse group of guys and looks together in a cohesive manner,” he shared. “I like my collections to tell a story and the poker game was a great way of doing this.”

Drawing additional inspiration from the streets, especially wearable styles that are “consumer relevant,” Wilson already had men’s style on the brain largely due from just wrapping up his nine model men’s presentation for Wella Trend Vision in Auckland. Once the concept of the poker game came into play, it took him roughly two months to set a date, shoot, post/retouch and print the photos.

Two months really doesn’t seem that long to conceptualize and complete a collection, but when you have a strong team backing you, one that you’re quite familiar with how they work, anything and everything is possible. “I always use the same team—photographer, clothing stylist and retoucher,” added Wilson. “They ‘get’ what I want to see and they are fantastic at what they do. We all work well together and it makes everything easier.”

What makes Wilson’s collection unique and inspirational for others is how each image and each model represents a “character” and essentially “a trend.” He summed it up perfectly for the following: “For the ‘Bond’ model, this is classic old-school barbering. ‘Brad Pitt’ is an undercut taken in a new direction. The ‘Rookie’ is crazy, cool natural hair while the ‘Aristocrat’ is a masculine man with a French roll and a beard. My ‘Traveller’ is a shogun style and my ‘Rogue’ is a throwback to ‘90s style.”

What’s his favorite look from the collection? “Brad! I think it’s just a cool image and when most people look at it they immediately think of Brad Pitt. It’s great because that was who I was channeling when I was creating his character.”

Photo Credits

Shoot Concept & Hair: Tony Wilson

Photographer: Iain Smith

Clothing Stylist: Jane Mow

Post/Retouching: Monica Chamorro

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