Create Your Own Normal

Andrew Carruthers is the Education Director for Sam Villa Education and a regular Industrie Contributor. We love Andrew’s unique perspective on cutting, education, and life behind the chair. Here are his thoughts on how to be “normal.”

Normal is such a subjective thing (thanks captain obvious)…For some, it’s everything they battle against and for others, it’s something they strive to find as if it’s some mythical creature. In my mind, there is no normal because it really can’t be defined and it has very little common ground from person to person.

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Have you ever had a conversation with someone about a subject that seemed so simple and clear to you, but they were looking at you as if you were trying to describe the laws of quantum physics? Have you had a guest in your salon chair say, “I just don’t want it to look too normal,” as they point to a photo of a rainbow colored euro-mullet? What’s normal to me could be completely foreign to you.

A normal day for me used to be 12 hours of madness and triple-booking behind the chair (thank you universe, those days are behind me). When I’m not traveling, a normal day now is 1-2 hours of conference calls with my Sam Villa family, 4-5 hours of salon work at a much calmer pace, and maybe an hour or two of writing. Both of those scenarios seem completely odd to my grandparents who had 40 hour work weeks at the same job, doing the same thing for most of their careers.quotes about perspectiveSo what’s the point? In a world that has no true normal, it’s up to us as individuals to add or subtract the dosage that fits our needs most. As an example, I need a touch of normal in my health and spiritual practice to ground me so that I can handle the lack of normalcy in my schedule. That means, whether I’m home or on the road, my day starts with about 30 minutes of yoga or pilates and meditation. It’s enough to support me as the rest of the day unfolds in whatever way it might. I need that touch of “normal.” On the other end of the spectrum, I have a good friend that freaks out and runs for the hills if any trace of “normal” creeps into his life. If he’s home for a few weeks and nothing is happening, I will surely wake up to an Instagram post of him getting on an airplane to go run naked through the Amazon.

We get to make our own choices on what we need, so let go of whether your life is “normal,” your look is “normal,” or even whether or not your thoughts are “normal,” because it doesn’t exist beyond your own definition of it.


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