Clacton Rock by Hoop Haircutters

Think rocker chic, but with way more polish and class, and you’ll get Clacton Rock. Consisting of deep, rich tones paired with attention-grabbing cuts makes the energy of the collection and each style tangible yet enigmatic. Created by Emma Bedwell and Lisa-Marie Seldon of Hoop Haircutters, a UK-based salon in Clacton-on-Sea (that’s a town, not gonna lie, had to look it up!), the Clacton Rock received a nod as a finalist in the British Hairdressing Awards.

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Hair: Emma Bedwell and Lisa-Marie Seldon of Hoop Haircutters, Clacton-on-Sea

Photography: Richard Miles

Makeup: Maddie Austin

Styling: Jared Green

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