Business How-To: Bridal Checklists

Every summer, salons across the country are flooded with clients of an extra special variety: brides. For salon owners and stylists alike, bridal season is a huge opportunity to capture extra income and generate new client leads. In order to run a tight bridal ship this wedding season, Geneva Cowen, Artistic Director for Sam Villa, says a well organized bridal checklist is the ultimate tool to ensure clear communication and a happy client experience. Since weddings are such personal events, the best advertising is word of mouth. Once you have a couple brides say they loved their hair and had a great experience with you, word travels fast…and to reach that point, you need a checklist.


Geneva’s Bridal Checklist
Take these before, during and after questions into consideration and you’ll be halfway toward creating the ultimate bridal service (the other half is your artistic hairstyling abilities, of course!).

Location, Location, Location: Does the bride require you to be on location or is she having services at your salon? Discuss all travel fees and expenses to clarify expectations.

It’s a Numbers Game: How many bridesmaids are going to require looks? Do you need an assistant to be able to accomplish the task?

Set a Timeline: What time is the wedding and are pictures being taken before or after the wedding? Give yourself a 30-minute buffer to ensure there is no rush.

Coordinate Your Beauty Squad: Will there be other talent, makeup artists or stylists who will be a part of the process?  Ask for all contact information so you can coordinate the time needed to complete the looks.

A Trial Run: Does the bride want a style change after the ceremony? If so, include this look in your trial run and charge accordingly.

Should You Stay Or Should You Go?: Are your services required for the entire event? Make sure you have a clear understanding of your time requirements. Time yourself when doing a trial run to be able to schedule properly on the big day.

“Let’s Take a Selfie”: Take pictures of your trial to have a record and make notes on anything you would do differently on the day of the wedding.

Get It On Paper: Create a contract that outlines expectations and fees to be signed at the time of the consultation.

Pack Your Kit: Choose product and tools wisely to build a strong foundation for the look and to hold it in place.

Photo Credits
Hair: Geneva Cowen, Artistic Director Sam Villa
Photography: Shalem Mathew
Makeup: Keegan Richards
Wardrobe: David’s Bridal
Flowers: Bloomsbury Blooms

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