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2015 Hair Expo Exclusive: New Creative Finalist Alexandra Kontos

It’s a collection that forces you to pause and observe beauty. Shot in black and white for visual impact, the intention is for each observer to see beyond colors and focus on the hairstyle. Your eye travels up, down, left and right, taking it all in. The fashion styling consists of simple textured fabrics, reminiscent of the ones worn by Greek statues, that reveal the contours of the body. You see these pale, lustrous complexions like those of ancient Greek women who used chalk and white lead as makeup; a touch of color applied to the center of the models lips for a modern take. But it’s the hairstyling that really makes you catch your breath.

“The collection, in essence, was derived from ancient Greek art and sculpture which depicts every element meticulously,” Kontos explains. “Beauty and perfection in these arts have transcended into a modern day hair fashion statement.”

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My images portray models posing in a static-like manner reflecting Greek sculpture and art. My hair creations have been influenced by the exquisite detail in hairstyles seen in sculptures, wreaths as head wear and even helmets worn by warriors.

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Fiercely feminine yet superior and strong, each one of Konstos’ hairstyles were created using geometric shapes with an organic spin on beauty. To highlight the shapes within each design, a variety of textures were used. The end results are avant-garde looks with elements of hair textures and shapes that can be translated into wearable trends.

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