Anatomy of an Event: TIGI World Release

A question salon professionals often ask themselves when an upcoming event presents itself is, “Should I go to this?” Sometimes the answer is an easy one, but when the event costs a few hundred dollars to attend along with some travel expenses, the question quickly turns into, “Do I need to go to this and why? Is this a good use of my time and money?”

We are lucky that we get invited to attend many of these events, and to be able to share the information and inspiration from them with all of you. So, in the spirit of all things journalistic, we present to you our Anatomy of an Event: TIGI World Release. Here, we will outline all of the most pertinent information that we gathered, so that you can decide whether attending a similar event in the future would be right for you and your business. Not all events fit all beauty pros and we feel like it’s our duty to help give an outside overview and to help you make an informed decision.

What Is It: A two-day event consisting of runway presentations, product knowledge/usage/launches, inspirational video clips and onstage education and breakout educational sessions led by TIGI Worldwide Creative Director Anthony Mascolo and featuring the TIGI® International Creative Team and TIGI Ambassadors.

Where Is It: Las Vegas, Nevada at the Aria Resort & Casino. Previous locations include:

2014: Berlin, Germany

2013: London, England & Dallas, Texas

NOTE: 2016 location has not been formally announced as of yet.

Who Can Attend: Salon Professionals (owners, managers, stylists/colorists, students)

NOTE: Over 2000 people were in attendance this year.

How Much Does It Cost: $295 (not including airfare and hotel accommodations)

What To Expect: This year, the events were as follows:

Monday: Day 1 – After guest registration, doors opened at 12:30pm and Part 1 of the show occurred where the following was presented at 1pm:

  • Bedhead: A runway presentation that was centered around the Bedhead product line that showcased new trends, the launch of the new product called Joyride and styling tips and tricks. Cutting and color techniques were also shared by Anthony Mascolo, Zak Mascolo, and members from TIGI® International Creative Team and TIGI Ambassadors.
  • Bedhead B for Men: This runway/education segment featured a runway presentation that showcased new trends for male clients along with styling tip and in-depth cutting education from members of the TIGI® International Creative Team and TIGI Ambassadors.
  • Catwalk: For this segment, Anthony Mascolo and members of the TIGI® International Creative Team and TIGI Ambassadors returned to the stage and demonstrated various styling techniques using the Catwalk product line. Pat Mascolo, TIGI’s Global Cosmetics Director, also came on stage with several TIGI Makeup Ambassadors to provide makeup application during the live performance.
  • TIGI Copyright Colour: To show the color range and vibrant impact color can make on the imagination, attendees watched an eye-opening runway performance that consisted of vibrantly colored wigs, costumes and video clips.
  • S-Factor: To highlight the S-Factor product line, the audience enjoyed a runway presentation that showed the various styles that embodies the S-Factor “look” and trends.

Part 1 concluded around 4pm where attendees were then given a break before Part II picked back up. At 7:30pm, doors reopened and attendees were seated. At 8pm, Part II commenced where the audience witnessed a 90-minute runway presentation led by industry icon Robert Lobetta.

After Part II concluded, the room immediately transitioned into a neon-themed after-party for all attendees to enjoy that included a house DJ and an open bar.

Tuesday: Day 2 – The following day, attendees returned to the ballroom where the prior day’s events were held to attend the “Look & Learn” portion of World Release. Inspirational and motivational speeches were given along with more in-depth and detailed education.

NOTE: The education presented was not hands-on.

To sum it all up, TIGI World Release is a show that will not only inspire and elevate a salon professional who is devoted to the TIGI brand and culture, but one that is an opportunity for a salon pro who is interested in discovering new cutting, color and styling techniques. It’s also an opportunity for one to evolve their knowledge of trends that can appeal to various types of clients and demographics and get a better understanding of the TIGI products, culture and overall brand.

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Photo Credit: Alex Barron-Hough

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