Anatomy of an Event: Matrix Destination

It’s the start of a new year and we’re certain (hint, hint) “elevating my craft” and “committing to some continuing education” made their way on your list of goals to accomplish for 2016. As we all know, those two types of goals do require some form of funds and time commitment to achieve. We also know that determining what events and classes to attend is where it really gets hard for people to make a decision. Should I go? Should I spend the time and money?

These are the questions that get asked, and that’s where we jump in and lend an informative hand with our “Anatomy of an Event” articles. We provide you with an unbiased overview of what the event entails so you can make the decision if this is a right fit, for you.

Let’s take a look at what Matrix Destination is all about now, shall we?

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What It Is: Matrix Destination is a 3-day event consisting of eight educational classes, two of which are taught by Tabatha Coffey along with an inspirational hair show presented by NAHA-winning artists, a special opportunity and breakout session for salon owners and a chance to shop at “The World of Matrix.”

When Is It: January 23-25, 2016

Where It Is: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Orlando, Florida

Who Can Attend: Salon Professionals (owners, managers, stylists/colorists, students).

What To Expect:

  • Red Carpet Reception—featuring a step and repeat with Matrix Artists.
  • Opening night presentation & after party.
  • Creating Celebrity Color & Style with George and Tabatha—A lively review on current red-carpet-worthy hair and fashion trends. They’ll share their secrets on styling and strategic color placement for ultimate star-quality results. Gain insight on how to re-create celebrity-inspired looks in your salon every day.
  • Get Down to Business with Tabatha Coffey—An interactive program for salon owners and stylists, focused on re-energizing their businesses and maximizing their income. Learn from an expert on successful social media activations, retailing strategies, client retention and so much more.
  • Imagine Salon Success: Salon Owners Class—Experience a new social retail marketing platform that makes it incredibly easy to create social campaigns for your salon! Learn quick tips to increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Make sure your salon’s message stands out.
  • Hands On Class: Progressive Cutting with Daniel Roldan, Paul Falltrick and Tarra Dean—Elevate your skills and build confidence behind the chair. Learn advanced cutting techniques using Matrix CRAFT Methodology to inspire you and excite your clients.
  • Hands On Class: From Dreams to Reality with Nick French, Michael Albor and Cori Randall—Start your creative styling engines by taking a journey from the fundamentals to avant garde styling, seen through the eye of the camera lens.
  • Hands On Class: Color Outside the Lines with Robert Santana, Leah Sterk, Steve Waldman—Chemistry meets artistry to dispel the fear of corrective color. Learn hands-on, problem-solving techniques to reignite your passion for color.
  • Look & Learn Class: Men’s Street Style with Franco Della Grazia, Tara Koenig and Marcus Shamin—A collection of the latest trends in men’s cut and color from both sides of the Atlantic. Strong, edgy, androgynous looks from the UK are combined with schoolboy prep and hardcore barber cuts from the streets of NYC.
  • Look & Learn Class: Kaleidoscope with Danielle Keasling, Nick Stenson and Lenny Strand—See color in 3D by pushing the limits from ordinary to extraordinary with innovative techniques that inspire fashion-forward looks. Express your creativity with new vision and discover exciting color results.
  • Look & Learn Class: Martrix 2016 Trend with Chrystofer Benson and Dan CsiCsai—Get a sneak peak into the future with the latest trends in haircolor, cutting and styling. Be a witness to how the trends of tomorrow are created today. Learn how to transform original inspiration into personal style.

How Much Does It Cost: $599.00*

(Ticket price includes: 8 classes, grand opening show, access to SHOP MATRIX, two drink tickets and Matrix CRAFT workbook + mannequin head)

LAST CHANCE: Click here to register to attend Matrix Destination or to receive more information.

*Hotel accommodations are not included in the price of the ticket.


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