Anatomy of an Event: America’s Beauty Show

When you commit to attending a beauty expo/show, you commit to more than just getting good deals on liters and flat irons to take back to the salon. Your admission gives you the opportunity to get up close and see the best in the beauty industry do what they do best—educate and inspire. Whether they are cutting, coloring or styling hair on stage or connecting with you on a more personal level in a workshop or on the actual show floor, attending a show like America’s Beauty Show is crucial to your future. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing hair for 30 years, a salon owner/manager for 20 years, a booth renter for 10 years and someone who is months away from getting their license. There really is something for everyone. But, we’re not here to tell you if you should go or not, it is for you to decide. Our responsibility is to give you the facts and the pertinent information you’ll need to decide if this type of event is right for you. So let’s get down to it, shall we?



What Is It: America’s Beauty Show (ABS) is a three-day beauty expo featuring manufacturers, platform artists, educators, workshops, and special events. If you’ve never attended a show before, let’s look at it this way. Imagine an extremely large open space filled with hundreds of manufacturers who have their own individual booths/area. Some of small and rather cozy like a studio apartment in Manhattan. Then we have a majority a bit larger, like the inside of a Chipotle. And then…the big ones. Booths that have stages with actual seats and truss systems holding spotlights and sometimes even a runway! This is called the “Show Floor” and you walk and walk and walk, and shop and shop, and stop along the way to watch demonstrations and education taught from eye level to the big stage. Over the course of these three days, more than 65,000 salon professionals and owners, aspiring students and teachers, headliners and educators, product manufacturers and distributors will be in attendance.

In addition to the “Show Floor,” there are, for the first time in ABS history, three “Mainstages” that will be located also on the “Show Floor” (NOTE: In past, there has only been one Mainstage area located outside the “Show Floor”). There are also Advanced Education Workshops and to attend you must pay in addition to your ABS ticket. The upswing to this is you do receive various CE credit hours upon completing these workshops. ABS also has a number of additional presentations and events scheduled during the three days, and that information is below.

When Is It: ABS is held the weekend of March 12-14, 2016.

Where Is It: McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois.

Who Can Attend: Licensed salon professionals, salon owners, managers and enrolled students.

How Much Does It Cost: There are various types of packages and options so let’s break this down for you:

Option 1: Buy a “Membership Package” for $125 and this will get your admission to all three days, magazine subscriptions and full benefits.

Option 2: Student Member Package for $35 and this will get you (if you’re a student) admission to all three days and student benefits.

Option 3: A “single day” pass that is $65 if you purchase online, $70 if you order by phone/mail and $75 if you purchase on-site.

Option 4: If you’re a student and want to attend Monday only, you’re pricing is $35 if purchased online, $40 if purchased by phone/mail and $45 if purchased on-site. NOTE: If you attend Saturday and/or Sunday you will pay the price stated in Option 3.

Also, all sales are final and there are no refunds.

What Attendees Can Expect:

As we mentioned above, ABS has a very large “Show Floor” that will feature three “Mainstages” for various cut, color and styling presentations and a number of workshops and classes for you to attend. A number of additional events are also scheduled throughout the weekend, some free with your admission ticket and some that do have a fee to attend.

? Beauty Changes Lives Experience: At Soldier Field on Saturday night, a party/fundraiser that will feature a fashion parade as the next generation of the industry redefine beauty.

? Beauty BASH: A party Sunday night featuring a DJ, cocktails and much more.

? COLORFest16: A day dedicated solely to color education.

? TEXTUREDHAIRFair’16: 3 hours of in-depth curl education.

? Barbers Gallery: Competitions, workshops, and education.

? Student Assembly: If you’re a student then this is the day that will mean the most to your future.

You can also download the show guide and get more in-depth information about what the weekend has in store for its attendees and the additional costs to attend some of the events mentioned above, HERE.

These type of shows are a chance for you to expand your level of expertise, discover new products and tools, learn new cutting, color, and styling techniques, get insight on the latest trends and actually meet some new and interesting people. And if you do decide to go, tag us in your photos @industriebeauty. Why? Because we enjoy seeing what you’re doing and we’re pretty damn nosy.


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