Aiden Horwood: Anomalous

There was a 1930s atmosphere in the air as Aiden Horwood brought his collection ‘Anomalous’ to life, perfectly capturing the essence of an era. Despite, and perhaps even as a result of  the economic struggle of the times, this period of history managed to inspire revolutionary style and hair fashion.

“The objective as a collection was to transcend vintage looks from the 1920s and 1930s and adapt them to give a raw and masculine style tone, reflective of current fashion progression,” Horwood said.

Aiden Horwood Anamolous Anamolous by Aiden Horwood

In the eye of the storm between two world wars, the world was in flux. Barely recovered from a widespread conflict that escalated quickly and devastated all, everything changed in the span of a few years. In the face of opposition, men from all over Europe and North America were called to arms and suddenly there was a new sense of what it meant to be a man. Beyond providing protection for their families alone, the burden of responsibility for their respective countries was placed squarely upon their shoulders and they had no choice but to rise to the occasion.

Post World War I, the mood of the victorious countries was tentatively jubilant. They had faced atrocities the likes of which had never been seen before by their generation, but had emerged victorious. There was a sense of pride and celebration after a long period of hardship and mourning. The men who emerged from battle, while no longer faced with danger, would retain their heightened sense of masculinity and a changed worldview, earned from their time overseas.

Each image has been intricately personalized to convey a dapper feel with attention to quirky details—starting with an eccentric untamed, soft, exaggerated silhouette with loose texture and structure. The eccentric hairstyle has been offset by a dandy fashion aesthetic, with monochromatic undertones echoing the uncertain times and setting the mood of Horwood’s idiosyncratic collection.

A beautiful blend of classic style fused with the unconventional.

A classic barber style with a “lived in” feel can be seen through the use of color to enhance both the length and texture of the cut. Another classic barber image sports a slicked back top for a cool touch of class.

Anamolous by Aiden HorwoodAnomalies by Aiden Horwood Anomalies by Aiden Horwood

A brushed-out finger wave creates a soft style to contrast a collarless shirt worn, giving the impression of a hard-working, tattooed, tough man in one of the images. Yet another image embraces the masculinity of a blunt cut creating a square edge. This image is loaded with style and sophistication, effortlessly capturing the zeitgeist of the 1930s.

The final image depicts a rockabilly quaff and samurai knot teamed with a tartan blazer, tie and shorts to give off a schoolboy illusion, combined with heavy-handed influences of newly broadened horizons from time spent overseas. Photographer Karla Majnaric calls the collection “a beautiful blend of classic style fused with the unconventional.”

Photo Credits

Hair & Artistic Direction: Aiden Horwood for Heading Out Hair and Beauty Australia

Makeup: Naomi Manning

Photography: Karla Majnaric

Styling: Elaine Marshall

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