5Q’s: Multi-Faceted Colorist Patrick McIvor

He’s a man of many titles (including Industrie Expert!), many talents and many endeavors. He also took the time to answer many of our bonus questions, which makes Patrick McIvor one of our (many) favorite 5Q interviewees.

Patrick McIvor bungee jumping



Name:  Patrick McIvor

Profession/Title: Hairdresser/Cultural Junky – Salon Owner, Artistic & TechniCulture Director Goldwell & KMS California, Brand Strategist & Techni-Color Director ARROJO NYC

Location: PA/NYC/anywhere else depending on the day

1. Our site/publication is called Industrie and we spelled it with an “ie” on purpose – it’s the French way of spelling Industry and was once defined to us as an artisan who works with their hands to create things of beauty and substance. So tell us, how do you define beauty and substance?
My goal is a beauty experience that uses technology/digital/social to create a result for our guests that is beautiful, sexy, believable hair, tailored for them.

2. What other creative outlets besides hair color do you explore/practice?

Photography, graphic arts, multimedia experiences, video, even construction and designing spaces.

3. What’s your personal motto/favorite quote? (please specify author of quote)

Experience is the ability to recognize a mistake, when I am about to make it again.  My goal in life is to make as many mistakes as possible, once, and then find all the other successes and possibilities.  (from a sugar packet at a diner)

4. When have you felt the most vulnerable in your career?

I haven’t because I’ve always created a new future and possibility, that’s what I love about my life. I learned that in college when I got dumped by the first love of my life, I learned life does actually get better and I had waste time worrying that it wouldn’t. 

5. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

There are 100 pennies in every dollar & know your brand



If you had to make a personal hashtag, what would it be?

#TechniCulture because I combine Technology (Tec) with Technique (hni) and current Culture to express new ideas.

How would you define “true beauty”?

Feeling good on the inside because you embrace your image that people see on the outside.

What 3 things would you never leave the house without?

iphone, enough clothes on me not to be arrested & my murse (yes a men purse).  

If you’re having a bad day, what’s the one thing that will always cheer you up?

Smile at strangers, they don’t know you enough to know you are having a bad day and they will smile back. Smiling releases endorphins and it’s a proven fact, the more you smile the better the out look on the day gets.

If you weren’t a colorist, what would you be?

Making up other ideas that people like

What’s one thing most people would never know about you just from looking at you?

That I’m only 5’6”, people always say I thought you were taller.

Name the top three things that make you happy.

My family (my wife, 2 daughters and 1 of our 2 dogs), our lake house, learning something new

Who or what inspires you to be your best self everyday?

To thank and honor the people who made me who I am today. 

Fill-in-the-blank — “I’m happiest when __________” or “I feel most beautiful/self-confident/etc. when ____________”

No one is looking, I love to watch when other people are having fun, at a show, education event or even just hanging around home, the lake or the salon. I love seeing true joy and happiness on someone’s face and they didn’t even know anyone was watching.

What’s your favorite part of every day?

Night-time, I don’t sleep much, so it’s when I can create without interruption.

Are you a side, back or stomach sleeper?


How do you take your Waffle House hash browns?

Only had once, and I took them in my mouth.

Best seat on an airplane—window, middle or aisle? Explain your reasoning.

Window, it’s not good to be ADHD or manic in a middle or aisle seat.

If I asked you how many ping-pong balls it takes to fill an airplane, what would you say?

A lot

What is your theme song in life?

Don’t Stop by Fleetwood Mac

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