5Qs: Education Director & Master Stylist Andrew Carruthers

Andrew Carruthers is an accomplished Master Stylist, the Education Director for one of the most renowned cutting-based education companies in the United States and our go-to expert for all things haircut related. Did you know that he can also dance like a Muppet? Read on to learn more about this multi-talented stylist.

Who: Andrew Carruthers

What: Education Director for Sam Villa and Master Stylist at Lunatic Fringe Salon

Where: Salt Lake City, UT

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Andrew Carruthers

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Our site/publication is called Industrie and we spelled it with an “ie” on purpose – it’s the French way of spelling Industry and was once defined to us as an artisan who works with their hands to create things of beauty and substance. So tell us, how do you define beauty and substance?  

Beauty is a balance of the technical and the actual image it produces. For example, part of the beauty of an excellent shape is the knowledge and skill that went into creating it. Substance is similar to the word quality for me. It’s the unseen and undefinable aspect of something that makes it special. Without it, our subconscious can sniff out that it is hollow or has a lack of value.

What other creative outlets do you explore/practice?  

This list can get a little lengthy. I’ve been studying life coaching for eight years and have a side company that I recently rebranded called “The Journeyist.”  I’m a musician, chef, and photographer. Motorcycles are probably my greatest passion outside of my work and I’ve traveled through a good portion of the western US, Western Canada, Alaska, and the Alps on 2 wheels. The outdoors is incredibly important to my sense of peace so I spend as much time as I can (which isn’t a lot) either just being outside, fishing or camping.

What’s your personal motto/favorite quote?

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” ~ Henry Ford

When have you felt the most vulnerable in your career?  

When I screwed up Sharon Stone’s hair color. Luckily I was able to fix it and she didn’t hate me in the end.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?  

A huge mentor of mine, Dennis James, helped me to understand that we will always be more successful when we put our energy into growing others alongside ourselves rather than only being concerned with our own progress.  


If you’re having a bad day, what’s the one thing that will always cheer you up?  

My wife and dogs.

If you weren’t a _________, what would you be?

If I weren’t a human, I’d be a bison.

What’s one thing most people would never know about you just from looking at you?  

I’m an Ordained Minister and have performed 13 weddings and a baby blessing.

Name the top three things that make you happy.  

My family and friends, a ride on my motorcycle and a perfect meal.

Who or what inspires you to be your best self everyday?  

My coach Lyn Christian. She’s not just a good coach, she’s an amazing human being. I honestly think “What would Lyn do in this situation” on a daily basis.

What’s your favorite part of every day?  

It’s silly, but I love waking up and going through my ritual of making coffee and then having time to just sit and enjoy it with my wife and dogs. Every day I get to wake up to that experience.

Are you a side, back or stomach sleeper?

D, all the above.

Best seat on an airplane—window, middle or aisle? Explain your reasoning.  

If it’s early morning or a late flight after a big event and I’m going to sleep, then it’s the window so I can rest my head on the wall.  If it’s mid-day or I’m on my way to a big event, then I go aisle seat so I can get up and down as often as I want while I’m working. I have a hard time sitting still for too long.

If you were a superhero, what would your special power be?

God this is going to sound cheesy, but I’d have the power to make people happy regardless of their situation in life; it’s the end all be all. Everything could be crumbling around you, but if you could somehow still have happiness in that moment, suffering would not exist.

What’s your hidden talent?  

Dancing like a muppet. It’s not pretty either


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