365 Day Challenge: We Dare You

Remember this day, January 1, 2016, as the day you took yourself out of your creative comfort zone. Today is the day you begin to push your boundaries and abilities. It’s the day to commit to trying something new or to advance an idea or hobby into pure passion. Consider it your creative awakening and more than just a challenge we’ve dared you to attempt.


The #industrie365 is, you guessed it, a yearlong creative commitment. For 2016 (or for the next 365 days in case you don’t start it on January 1st and need a few days to plan and map it all out), you’re going to create something or do something creative. You’re also going to take us on your journey via Instagram by tagging us in your pics and using #industrie365. As you upload and post, you’ll see your skill set and creative mind evolve and progress.

Before we proceed, you may be asking, “How did this challenge come to be?” It actually happened quite organically to be really honest and started when Industrie Co-Founder Justine Rivard happened upon Instagrammer Lauren Rapp (@laurenrapp) and her tiny chairs. For a full year, Rapp made a tiny chair every single day out of something—from clay to paper to even cinnamon sticks. It definitely caught Justine’s eye and made us all look more in-depth at what other people may be doing. We discovered one woman who created a new braid every day, a photographer who shot a new black and white photo (it is not as easy as it sounds) and, one of our favorites, a gentleman who made (and ate)… a different type of taco for 365 delicious days. You see, there are so many creative beings like hairdressers, photographers, artists, foodies and fashion designers making a commitment to create something with their hands, their mind and their talent, and we feel like you have the passion and the talent to join them.

Why are we at Industrie so passionate about this? If you didn’t know or have always wondered why we spell Industrie with an “ie,” it’s because it’s completely on purpose. It’s the French way of spelling Industry and was once defined as an artisan who works with their hands to create things of beauty and substance. It’s a pretty beautiful way to describe someone, someone like you. We believe that everyone has a voice, a unique self-expression and a talent that should flourish. Whether you’re a hairdresser, a burgeoning artist or a hobbyist of sorts, your talents and passions should never go ignored and unnoticed. We are here to not only support you, but also to challenge you. You can say we want to keep you on your creative toes.

And since it takes 10,000 hours to become a master at something, this #industrie365 challenge is a way to get started on that journey. It is a way to not only get good at something, but it becomes a sort of study and practice in commitment and a steadfastness in overcoming challenges and difficulties in order to make good on a commitment.

With that, we challenge you to challenge yourself, and while doing so, we want to celebrate and applaud you along the way. Join us in the #industrie365 challenge and push yourself, advance your talents and watch yourself grow.


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